Ask Joe! – all you need to know about Vitality

We had the privilege of hosting both Chinese and English meetings featuring Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Joe Chang and distinguished Team Elites.  Exclusive information about ageLoc with Dr. Joe’s transcript for the Q&A..

Disclaimer: for your reference only. Not approved by company.

1. What is the long term affect of Vitality?

The ingredient in Vitality is Ginsing, Cordymax mushroom, and pomegranate. They have been used by people for hundreds of years. There is no known long term side effect for any of them.

2. If the ingredient is so common, what’s so unique about Vitality?

What’s unique about Vitality is the extraction method and blend. Extraction is a unique concept for chinese medicine. For thousands of years, chinese doctors only prescribe herbs or medicine made of herbal plants (basically ground up roots and leaves). However the potency of the herb can be affected by weather, soil condition, atmosphere, pollution, and many other factors. This is why Ginsing produced this year for example can have different potency to one produced 5 years ago.  This is why same wine can taste differently from year to year – both weather and soil can change grape’s quality and taste. To get consistent potency, NuSkin extracted the active ingredient from the plant, removed pollutant and other factors, and studied ingredient at molecular level. They then only take the ingredient that will affect gene expression (so they are not even using everything from ginsing, cordymax, and pomegranate). NuSkin then tested lots and lots of permutations to find the right ratio of the ingredient to reach the desired result.  That’s why both the extraction method and the blend make Vitality unique.

3. What is the compounding effect of Vitality?

Dr. Joe Chang was laughing when this question was asked ’cause many people had the same concern: your body won’t explode if you keep taking it. Your body is smart, it will know when to stop. Vitality is going to return your energy level to what you had at your youth, and you didn’t feel you would explode, did you?
However if you take vitality for over a year, and then stop, you may be able to sustain that energy level. Different people may feel differently.  You may not feel differently if you remain the same life style as before vitality. But when you have more energy, why would you like to keep your old life style :) You may just want to try. But if you stop after a week, you will feel your energy level returns to the old level.

4. How can I explain to people that it is a healthy addiction?

Addiction will make you feel worse after you stop taking the product, and the result is immediate thus people feel a crash
You will not feel worse or a crash once you stop Vitality. Your energy will just return to its original level (whether you like it or not, that’s a different story). The longer you take it, the longer you will have a sustainable energy level.

5. Is Vitality suitable for people with hypertension, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc.

Vitality cannot cure any disease, but it will increase people’s life quality. So Vitality will certainly help people with cancer, diabetes, etc.

For hypertension, the person should use it with their hypertension medicine and keep monitoring their blood pressure. They can certainly take vitality

For clinically diagnosed depression, there is no study for whether vitality will help. However for people that are not happy, vitality can help them get out of being “blue”
The only medicine that may contradict with vitality is blood thinner (I forgot the name). So please ask people that before recommending Vitality

6. Is Vitality safe for athlete?

Vitality may be the ideal supplement for athlete. It’s completely safe. Third party study is underway to ensure Vitality has no banded substance, caffein or mormon to back up this claim.

6. Why do people react to Vitality differently?

This is because people have different energy level to start with. People with high energy may not feel as dramatic difference as someone with low energy.

[Jess comment] I’d recommend that for those skeptics, give them just 3-5 days supply and cut them off. They will feel how low their original energy level is once they are off. :)

8. How will Vitality affect people with sleeping problem?

It should not affect. To be safe, you may want to start with 2 capsules instead of 3, and take it as early in the day as possible.

9. Will Vitality burn calories?

No, Vitality will not burn calories, But as you get more energy, you will have the desire to be more active which then burns more calories.

10. Should I still take LifePak Nano?

Absolutely. LifePak gives you a good baseline, and vitality helps your gene functions better. If you only take Vitality but no LifePak, that may not be a good thing. If you can only speed $100 a month, I would go with normal LifePak and Vitality

11. How does Vitality help sexual thing….

I know this question will come up :)
Vitality makes your body detect pheromone better – when we get older, our ability to detect pheromone drops, hence you sexual desire. So Vitality which is gender neutral will make you have a healthy sexual life. But if you need viagra, you will still need that blue pill :)

12. What’s coming in the product line?

We are doing study to find gene to prolong life.

The company is doing double blind placebo test and the result will be released end of the year. However what’s wrong with placebo effect? :)
Also remember the mouse video? They started study with 12 mice in each group. Everyone in the control group was dead, and there are still 4 live in the vitality group. So Joe suspects vitality will prolong life. But he can’t prove it yet ’cause he can’t do organ tissue study until all 4 mice a dead. They are now about 100 year old (human equivalent), and are still very active :)
Now do you still have doubts for this product? But remember, this is not just a product. It’s a brand new opportunity! It will help you realize your dream, and make you help others to do the same!

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